Astra Militarum
Warhammer 40k

Astra Militarum

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Start Collecting! Astra Militarum
Батальон Astra Militarum! Начните собирать армию по выгодной цене! ..
1800 грн.
Кодекс Astra Militarum
Codex: Astra Militarum ..
900 грн.
Officio Prefectus Commissar
Officio Prefectus Commissar ..
432 грн.
Commissar Yarrick
Commissar Yarrick ..
551 грн.
Cadian Command Squad
Imperial Guard Cadian Command Squad ..
558 грн.
Cadian Shock Troops
Imperial Guard Cadian Shock Troops ..
648 грн.
Tempestus Scions - Command Squad
Tempestus Scions / Command Squad ..
756 грн.
Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad
Imperial Guard Cadian Heavy Weapon Squad ..
864 грн.
Imperial Guard Sentinel ..
666 грн.
Imperial Guard Chimera ..
810 грн.
Imperial Guard Hellhound ..
1080 грн.
Hydra - Wyvern
Hydra / Wyvern ..
1224 грн.
Taurox Prime - Taurox
Taurox Prime / Taurox Taurox Prime это надежное атакующее транспортное средство пехоты. Машина в..
1044 грн.
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Imperial Guard Leman Russ Battle Tank ..
1116 грн.
Leman Russ Demolisher
Imperial Guard Leman Russ Demolisher ..
1116 грн.
Imperial Guard Valkyrie ..
1476 грн.
Imperial Knight
At 6 inches tall the Imperial Knight is a towering war engine. Crafted in the Dark Age of Technolo..
3024 грн.
Imperial Knight Warden
Imperial Knight Warden An imposingly tall, heavily armed engine of war, nothing announces its pr..
3384 грн.